Quickly Determine Eligibility for Government Assistance

Provide government assistance quickly with employment and income information you can trust. 

Government Assistance Programs We Serve

Government agencies turn to Equifax to automate the eligibility verification process for their public
assistance programs. 

Social Services

Be it for Medicaid, SNAP and Nutrition Assistance, TANF, or SSA benefit determinations, you can count on the most current view of your applicants’ employment and income information. 

Child Support Enforcement

Collecting on support orders can be a challenge, but with the right information results can be achieved quickly and easily.

Public Housing

Streamline HUD eligibility determinations while improving the resident screening process.

Workforce Services

Gauge the success of your training programs, provide unemployment benefits, and comply with federal guidelines.
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Transforming Medicaid Eligibility Systems for Empathy at the Edge

With the end of continuous enrollment, Medicaid directors and caseworkers must verify the income and eligibility of over 93 million beneficiaries. Learn how The Work Number can help.

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With the latest employment and income information at your fingertips, expedite benefit eligibility determinations to better serve individuals and families in their time of need. 

Income and Employment Verifications for Social Services

Put Your Benefit Eligibility Processes on the Fast Track. How The Work Number® helps social service agencies perform quicker and more efficient income and employment verifications.
Case Study

Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services

Significant increases to social service benefits applications and renewal requests - driven largely by heightened need amid the COVID pandemic - made it more difficult than ever for benefits agencies to verify an applicant’s income.
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Automating Income Verification Using the CMS Data Services Hub

Leaders from the state of Arizona and Equifax discuss the use of the CMS data services hub to help optimize income and employment verifications. 

Streamlining Housing Assistance Determinations with Automated Data

Public Housing Authorities, NAHRO, and Equifax leaders share insights on the impact of COVID-19 on housing insecurity and strategies to help improve the assistance application experience.
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State wage data and all the others can be outdated or about a quarter of a year behind. Therefore The Work Number is the first resource I go to when verifying income.
Social Service Worker

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