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Provide added value to your software and payroll bundle with automated and secure Income and Employment Verification.
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The Work Number® for Verifier Technology Partners

Integrate with Equifax through one of 60+ technology providers to eliminate multiple logins and platforms and reduce manual workflows.

The Work Number® for Payroll Partners

Provide added value to your payroll bundle with automated and secure Income and Employment Verification. Learn about these partnerships on


We build partnerships with payroll providers that allow for a seamless user experience for Income and Employment Verification. Learn more about becoming a partner or see if we already integrate with your platform.

Here are just a few of our valued partnerships:

sucess story
How we gain additional clients with the expertise and value that Equifax is bringing on board has far surpassed our expectations.
Adam Clayton, Chief Financial Officer, Proliant
Key Stats


employers across a variety of industries contribute income and employment data.


60+ technology partnerships with loan and payroll origination platforms.


current and previous employment records.

If you’re not with Equifax, you’re missing out!
Equifax is the right fit for us for 3 HR services
including The Work Number.
Valued Employer Customer of The Work Number

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