Social Service Verification

Use The Work Number® to verify the employment and
income information in real time to provide clients the right
government assistance in their time of need.
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Speed Benefit Determinations and Help More Clients

With employment and income information as recent as the last paycheck, get a more timely representation of a client’s current situation when applying for benefits.

Social Service Verification Product

Employment and income verification services for social service agencies to get qualified applicants the benefits they need while streamlining eligibility verification at all stages of the process.

Application for Benefits

Quickly and securely verify applicants' employment and income with real-time, up-to-date data.

Prompt Life Changes Notifications

Receive notifications when there is a change in employment or income that may impact benefit eligibility.

Easy Benefit Renewal

Streamline the benefit renewal process by instantly being able to confirm employment and income.

Audit and/or Recovery

Quickly identify overpayments and prioritize collections based on the employee’s ability to pay.
Discover all the ways The Work Number works hard for
government agencies and their employees.

Instant Verifications Make Everyone’s Life Easier

Helps agencies expedite benefit determinations, lessening the burden on applicants, beneficiaries, and employees.

Transforms the Client Experience

A systems-first approach alleviates the burden of proof from the applicant by verifying employment and income quickly.

Streamlines Internal Processes

Gets rid of time-consuming manual verification processes so your staff can focus
on delivering on its mission.

Flexible Options Ease Deployment

Select the delivery option that best fits your organization’s workflow need from
online web access to batch or system integration.
Pricing Information

Pay Date Range Options

Select which employment records to order each time you do a verification by selecting from various pay date range options or purchase all records available. Pricing is based on the pay date range selected. Additional fees include: (i) A one time setup fee of $125 (applied to your first bill), (ii) A monthly account service fee of $10, (iii) A monthly security monitoring fee of $4.99. 

Contact an Equifax representative to discuss pricing based on volumes. 

3 Full Months

$39.99 per employer record

6 Full Months

$34.99 per employer record

One Full Year

$27.99 per employer record

Three Full Years

$20.99 per employer record


$14.99 per employer record

How It Works

For Full Month options, calendar months are used.  For example, a request for the past 3 months option submitted on May 15 would include all records starting on February 1 through the current date (all of February, March and April, as well as May 1-15).

For Full Year options, calendar months are used.  For example, a request for 1 Full Year option submitted on  February 12, 2021 would include all records from February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021 plus the first 12 days of February 2021.
By The Numbers


Government agencies gain access to more than 125 million employee records from small, medium and large size businesses.


In a survey performed in 2019, 80% of government web users of The Work Number reported finding undisclosed employment and income.


In 2018, The Work Number database showed monthly median income changing as much as 20% month over month which directly impacts benefit eligibility.
What You'll Need to Sign Up

Documentation Guidelines

Your agency or organization will be required to provide supporting documentation to verify proof of your programs or services.

Federal, State or Local Government

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility

Non-Profit or For-Profit Organization

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility
  • Affiliation (contract) with government agency 
  • Funding source

Housing Authority or Property Management 

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility
  • Complete HUD Schedule or Rural Development Rent Schedule or L.U.R.A. (Land Use Restriction Agreement)
Frequently asked questions
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