Product Sheet | Social Services

Empower Your Agency with Social Services Verification

Streamline verification processes and reduce incorrect payments for your agency with the Social Services Verification solution

Social Service agencies face the constant challenge of providing benefits and correct payments quickly in order to meet program standards and beneficiaries’ expectations. To do so, they must verify identities using public sector data sources. But manual verification processes are tedious, and public sector data sources often have outdated information, which can lead to delayed assistance and overpayment.


Empower your agency with a digital verification solution backed by The Work Number®

Streamline efficiencies in your public assistance programs — and help prevent, reduce, and minimize incorrect payments with the Social Services Verification (SSV) solution from Equifax Workforce Solutions.

By leveraging The Work Number — the largest central source of consolidated employment and income information — SSV helps agencies maximize program integrity by streamlining eligibility verification at all stages of the process:

  1. Application for benefits — Verify an applicant’s employment and income. 
  2. “Life change” impacting eligibility — Get notified when there is a change in employment or income that may impact benefit eligibility.  
  3. Renewal of benefits — Confirm employment and income in an instant, streamlining the renewal process. 
  4. Audit or recovery — Quickly identify overpayments and prioritize collections based on ability to pay.


Improve your program efficiencies when you:

  • Automate employment and income verification 
  • Access the most recent rate and hours worked 
  • Uncover unreported income faster 
  • Run regular program integrity checks


Social Services Verification can help agencies deliver the right benefits to the right beneficiaries when they need them. Learn more today — download the full PDF or contact us.