Government Verification
of Employment

Verify applicants’ employment instantly.
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Expedite Verification
of Employment

Rely on a trusted third-party that provides you instant
access to the latest employer data directly from the source.
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Information Specifically for Government Services

A verification of employment contains vital information regarding an applicant’s employment that government agencies can use.
Employer Information
Includes details such as employer name and headquarters address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Employer division.
Employee Details
Contains information such as employee name, employee address, and employee phone number.
Employment Data
Access details such as employment status, most recent hire date, original hire date, total time with employer, and job title.
Key benefits of verification of employment for government

Streamline Background Screening and Employment Monitoring

Ease the administrative burden by centralizing the verification process.

Equifax is the industry leader in providing current employment verification data with more than 125M active employment records from over 2M employers nationwide.

Information you can trust, direct from employers and refreshed at every payroll cycle.

The Work Number has the most current and detailed employment information including employee contact information to enable further client follow-up.

Verifying employment is vital for program integrity.

In a survey performed in 2019, 80% of government web users indicated they found unknown employment status when using The Work Number.

Flexible Delivery Options

With government clients having different requirements in their eligibility verification processes, we offer different delivery options to fit your workflow needs.

Web Access

Instantly and securely receive the employment information you need on your clients via our friendly online user interface.


Allows you to run just a portion, or entire case load, to search for employment at a given point in time to locate recent changes of employment.

System Integration

Empowers staff to obtain employment verifications without having to leave the case management system that is already part of their workflow.

Verification of Employment Improves Efficiency

Enhance process consistency, conformity and compliance.
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