Sign Up for Social Service Verification

Enhance your government assistance program with real time employment and income verifications. 
How It Works

Complete and submit the application online.

Click below to complete the online sign-up form and start the process. 
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How It Works

Provide documentation to qualify to enroll for Social Service Verification.

Refer to Documentation Guidelines below for documentation required to enroll in this service.  
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How It Works

Review and sign contract received via DocuSign.

After all appropriate documentation is received and your organization qualifies for Social Service Verification, you will receive a DocuSign agreement for signature.  If any questions arise during this process, an Account Manager will contact you. 
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Get credentialed.

When a fully executed agreement is in place, the credentialing process begins.  This requires successfully completing a virtual on-site inspection to validate information supplied about the organization, in addition to making sure there are no security risks. This process typically takes 7-14 business days from receipt of a signed contract.
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Documentation Guidelines

Your agency/organization will be required to provide supporting documentation to verify proof of your programs/services.

Federal, State or Local Government

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility

Non-Profit or For-Profit Organization

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility
  • Affiliation (contract) with government agency 
  • Funding source

Housing Authority or Property Management

  • Copy of program's application
  • Income guidelines to determine eligibility
  • Complete HUD Schedule or Rural Development Rent Schedule or L.U.R.A. (Land Use Restriction Agreement)

Pricing Information 

  • SSN search transaction fee is $3.75
  • Verification report transaction is $15.40
  • One time setup fee of $125 (applied to your first bill)
  • Monthly account service fee of $10
  • Monthly security monitoring fee of $4.99
We offer volume discounts. Contact us for volume pricing.
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