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Utilizing The Work Number® database, Equifax provides differentiated and proprietary data that can give you a more holistic view of applicants.

Helping to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Less administrative burden for you and more time to focus on your business objectives can have a positive impact for your business and your bottom line.

Delivering a Seamless Applicant Experience

Our digital verifications offer instant data without additional action from the applicant. Paperless documentation that flows directly into automated underwriting and benefits decisioning platforms can ease customer and administrative burdens.

Trusted by Thousands of Verifiers

We are the preferred provider to hundreds of thousands of credentialed verifiers across thousands of organizations including lenders, credit issuers, and government agencies.

How The Work Number Keeps Life Moving

Let the industry-leading source of income and employment data help you make better lending decisions that may lead to more sales and fewer lost opportunities.
Featured Solutions

Equifax offers reliable, robust and secure solutions to meet your verification needs.

Income and Employment Verification

Get third-party verifications with income and employment information provided by employers.

The Work Number ID

Confirm whether an applicant-provided name and social security number matches employer-provided data to quickly validate an applicant’s identity.

Education Verification

Fast, comprehensive verification of an applicant's education status.

Property Verification

Verify non-commercial residency with county-level property tax data.

SSN Verification Services

Quickly match an individual's name, date of birth, and SSN with information from the Social Security Administration.

IRS Tax Transcripts Fulfillment Service

Obtain various personal tax, business tax, and/or wage statements for a complete picture of all household income.

The Equifax team was very proactive and innovative in defining a solution for our manual VOE needs. They took the time to understand our needs and then they launched a well designed and executed plan with no surprises.
Top 5 Mortgage Lender, Ops Director
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Manage Your Personal Data

Easily view the employment information contained in your file by requesting your Employment Data Report.
If you believe the information we have on file may be inaccurate, you can file a dispute for free. 

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Equifax Verification Services has been an excellent long-term partner in streamlining the delivery of employment data.
Craig Caddell, ReferencePro

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Are you looking to outsource your company’s verifications? Equifax Workforce Solutions can help automate the process and provide additional solutions, including I-9 and unemployment cost management.
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