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Looking to Manage Your Personal Employment and Income Data?

Access and manage your own employment and income data stored in The Work Number database.

How to Get Started

Access fast, secure verifications for your business after a brief registration and credentialing process.
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Step 1: Complete the Form 

Click the Start Verifying button to complete the online registration form and start the process. 
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Step 2: Get Credentialed

Everyone who signs up goes through a rapid yet thorough credentialing process. Credentialing takes one to two business days. 

Step 3: Log In and Start Verifying

Once credentialing is complete, you can log in and start verifying.
Have you received a request to provide proof or verification of your employment or income?

Organizations needing to confirm your employment and income information can request and receive a verification of your data through The Work Number database. Please direct them to for more information on requesting verifications.

The Work Number Verification Services

Prices Start at $54.95 Per Report*

Get Fast, Trusted Information About Applicants

Get employment and income reports starting at $54.95 for certain reports. Industry reports pricing may vary. 

Volume-Based Pricing is Available

Interested in purchasing a large number of verifications? Please contact us for volume-based pricing. 
*Price listed is valid for certain credit card transactions only and applys per report. Price may vary according to industry, environment, and solution.  Please contact us for current pricing, including volume-based pricing.

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