ACA Total Income

Complement the CMS Verify Current Income service with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Total Income solution and retrieve up-to-date income and employment information on applicants for state Medicaid and Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC) subsidized medical insurance plans.
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A More Informed Picture of Applicants’ Income and Employment History

For users of CMS Verify Current Income service, gain access to additional available income and employment information from The Work Number® database, without duplicating records obtained through the CMS service.  
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Key Benefits of ACA Total Income 

Helps Reduce Cost and Complexity

Instantly verify additional sources of income and employment information. In addition, receive records in the same format as already received from the CMS Verify Current Income service.

Helps Eliminate Unnecessary Verifications

Since records returned via the CMS Verify Current Income service are excluded, simply combine the results with the ACA Total Income™ service results, if available, to establish a more informed picture of an applicant’s current income and employment status and history.

Minimal Start-up Costs and Deployment Time 

Begin using ACA Total Income almost immediately, without a complex integration project, because it uses the same API and XML message formats as the CMS Verify Current Income service.
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Learn More About ACA Total Income

Download our ACA Total Income Product Sheet. Simplify and improve income and employment verification for Medicaid and ACA insurance eligibility. 
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Social Service Agencies Reduce Burden on Applicants

The need for quick access to social safety net programs is clear. Learn how social service agencies can help alleviate the burden on the benefit applicant throughout the application process.
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Caseworkers Benefit from Better Data

Demand for public assistance programs is on the rise.  See how rethinking the process to include additional datasets and automation can help reduce manual processes and improve the process accuracy.
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