The Work Number®    Portfolio Review

With our portfolio review batch process, we make it easier for lenders to prioritize consumer accounts using employment and income data.

The Imperative of Portfolio Reviews: Mitigating Risks for Sustained Growth

Portfolio reviews can help lenders stay agile and responsive to fluctuations in the market and consumers’ finances.

KEY BENEFITS of portfolio review

Manage Credit Risk More Quickly

Get earlier indications of changes in customers' employment or income so you can react faster.

Increase Flexibility

The batch process provides flexibility in submitting portfolios for review depending on your organization's needs.

Better Adapt to Consumer Needs

Grow customer lifetime value with the ability to prioritize accounts for treatment strategies to keep your customers current and satisfied.

Include Visibility for Planning & Forecasting

Reduce loss from delinquent accounts by better segmenting accounts that may be at risk and prioritizing treatment activities.
By the numbers

See Why Lenders Trust The Work Number for Their Portfolio Review Needs


The Work Number database offers credentialed verifiers access to more than 670 million records for verifications of income and employment.


Active income and employment records from more than 3.1 million employers across a variety of industries.


The Work Number service fulfilled 144 million verification requests on behalf of consumers in 2023.

Explore The Work Number Portfolio Review

Learn more about The Work Number Portfolio Review service and the importance of reviewing consumer accounts.

The Importance of Credit Portfolio Reviews

Consumer credit has changed significantly in recent years, magnifying the importance of portfolio reviews for lenders.


Why More Frequent Portfolio Reviews Are Critical in an Uncertain Market

Even as markets rapidly change, you’ll have a better, more updated picture of how your portfolio is performing so you can stay ahead of any potential risk.

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