Integrations for Lenders

Expedite lending with fewer steps and faster decisions when your current loan origination platform is connected to The Work Number®

We can help get The Work Number activated within your LOS platform. 


It’s a Better Way to Work

Leverage the data you need through the origination technology platforms you know by connecting to The Work Number.

Lend confidently

Focus on increasing capture rate and booking deals with fewer human errors by having access to employer-provided data through your LOS (loan origination system).

Stop the swivel

Integration with The Work Number through your technology provider eliminates the need for multiple logins, switching platforms, and manual workflows.

Simplify the experience

Automate tasks and shift to paperless by pre-populating data digitally to make it easier for underwriters and quicker for your customers.

A 2022 Equifax study compared auto lenders who competed on 100K or more auto loan applications per month.

Integrate with Equifax through one of 60+ technology providers

Eliminate multiple logins and platforms and reduce manual workflows.

Connect Your LOS to The Work Number

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