The Work Number for Verifier Technology Partners

Open the door to more value for your customers when you partner with The Work Number®. Partnership gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with access to the most comprehensive income and employment data available.
Add Value For Your Customers When You Partner with US

Streamline Lending Processes

Help accelerate the approval process for lenders with automated rules, benchmarks, and instant verifications built into the existing lending process. This streamlining can help lenders process loans faster and more efficiently with fewer human errors and other common application risks.

Enable a digital-first experience

Reduce reliance on manual processes for your lenders by integrating verifications directly into your Loan Origination System (LOS) or Point-of-Sale (POS). Provide an enhanced user experience, and help expedite deals and speed-to-close.

Increase Confidence in Lending

Give a more holistic view of an applicant with integrated verifications through your existing LOS or POS. Utilizing employment and income verification information can help determine ability to pay, beyond the use of just a traditional credit score, allowing lenders to approve more loans with confidence.

Secure Competitive Advantage with a One-Stop-Shop Lending Process

Savvy lenders understand the value of The Work Number for instant employer-provided consumer employment and income data and desire easy access to it. Integrated solutions provide the data lenders want to confidently and seamlessly fund a loan without interrupting their current business process.

Some of our Integrated Partners

We help 60+ technology providers eliminate multiple logins and platforms for their lenders while also minimizing manual workflows. 
For Lenders

Access Faster Verifications for Your Customers

When it comes to lending, your customers are expecting a fast, efficient, and seamless experience. To meet their expectations, you need easy access to borrower data that is enabled through your preferred LOS or POS. 

With integrated access to income and employment verification solutions powered by The Work Number and Equifax Verification Services in your existing technology platforms, we can help you automate your lending process and drive faster revenue.

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