Education Verification

Leverage the nation's most comprehensive education data resource using only a loan applicant's Social Security number.*

Automate the Verification Process

Only Equifax can provide instant education verification through the National Student Clearinghouse using only the loan applicant's Social Security number.*
*Inputs required vary by channel. Consumer consent and permissible purpose required for every Verification of Education request. 

Instant Verification

Instantly and electronically verify an individual’s attainment or enrollment status.

Trusted Data Sources

The data retrieved from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) houses records for 97% of students enrolled in post-secondary institutions.


Education Verifications are delivered through the same portal as our income and employment verifications.

Added Value

Our Education Verification service also provides a separate output that includes certain consumer information that can be used to help detect possible or known identity theft and application fraud.
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Higher levels of education can correlate with better loan repayment rates.

On average, borrowers with verified higher education degrees are 28 percent less likely to miss multiple loan payments when compared to those without degrees.

Verifying a loan applicant’s education status could be critical to your loan and credit decision-making process.
 Equifax 2023 Internal Data Study based on credit data and data from The Work Number database over a twelve-month period. Study was conducted on a population of non-prime borrowers who obtained unsecured personal loans ranging from $3,000-$40,000.

Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

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