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The Work Number® provides auto lenders with the capability to obtain a borrower's latest income and employment details in seconds, helping them better understand loan affordability and make more informed decisions.
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Review Real-Time Verification Results in Seconds

The Work Number offers 24/7 verification services to help auto dealers and lenders make more informed lending decisions. Once you are credentialed, you can help shoppers get on the road, faster.
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Equifax offers products tailored to meet the verification needs of the auto industry.

KEY benefits of verification for the auto industry 

Verification available when car buyers are shopping

In 2023, The Work Number helped 47 million people benefit from instant income and employment verifications outside of regular business hours.

Verification can be completed in seconds

Dealers and auto lenders can adapt to changing situations and quickly capture new customers.

The credentialing process is easy

It just takes a few steps to become a credentialed verifier with access to information you need to make smart lending decisions.

Access to more than 670 million active records and counting

Enable a greater number of verifications with current records and more contributors than other verification companies.

Auto Refinance: Speed Up Loan Decisioning with Digital Income and Employement Verifications

Auto lenders can obtain a more comprehensive picture of a borrower's financial situation and more readily approve auto loan refinancing applications.

Client Study: Convert More Auto Loans with The Work Number®

Learn how integrating The Work Number® digital income and employment verifications can positively impact your loan decisioning engine.

Key Stats


Active income and employment records from more than 3.1 million employers across a variety of industries.


The Work Number database offers credentialed verifiers access to more than 670 million records for verifications of income and employment.


The Work Number service fulfilled 144 million verification requests on behalf of consumers in 2023.


In 2023, The Work Number provided verifications for 6.8 million people seeking auto loans, streamlining the auto lending process.


We build relationships with automotive industry technology providers that help allow for a seamless user experience for verifications such as, Income and Employment Verification and Verification of Education. Learn more about working with us or see if we already integrate with your platform.

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One of the biggest benefits for the dealership has been the turnaround time with funding.
Blake Bailey, Hennesey of Southlake

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