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Employee Data Dispute
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Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), consumers may report a dispute to a data furnisher employer. In such a case, employers are obligated to either correct the disputed information or provide notice of the dispute to Equifax Workforce Solutions ("EWS") before sending that disputed data to EWS again. Since employers send data to The Work Number®, many instances of incorrect data can be quickly remedied by the employer making the change on their own database.

Should an employee of your company contact you with a concern about the accuracy of data that was provided by The Work Number, please take the following actions.

  1. Review the data field in question by your employee
  2. Determine the correct value for that data field
  3. Confirm or correct this value in your HR/Payroll system
  4. Confirm the correct value is being displayed on The Work Number
    • Go to theworknumber.com
    • Login to the webManager section
    • Under the webManager menu (left side of page), click the employment records link
    • Enter the employee's SSN
    • Click the link to view the employee record

If you need assistance with updating the information on The Work Number, we can help.

Please complete the following Employer Dispute Investigation Request Form and the Equifax Workforce Solutions Data Investigation Team (DIT) will contact you within 5 business days.

Please note once this submission is received, a block will be placed on the employee's record until the dispute is resolved. For additional assistance or questions, please contact EmployerDisputes@equifax.com.

Please note all fields marked with an asterisk are required for submission.

Client Information

Please note that employer reported disputes do not trigger Section 611 FCRA obligations. A consumer has the right to contact Equifax Workforce Solutions directly to submit a dispute.