Social Security Number (SSN) Verification Services

Quickly and confidently confirm an applicant's identity.
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Verification Just Got Easier

Use our Social Security Number (SSN) Verification solution to instantly match a name, birth date, and SSN directly with the Social Security Administration.

SSN Verification

Immediately match a name, birth day, and SSN directly with the Social Security Administration using an SSA-89 consent form.

Death Master File Audit

Determine if an SSN is associated with a deceased individual.

Identity Assessment
and Authentication

Easily authenticate a person’s identity and determine if the SSN is valid. 
Key benefits of SSN Verification

Improved Relationships With Customers 

Reduce intrusive authentication methods that may frustrate applicants. 

24/7/365 Access

Submit SSN verification requests at any time, for information when you need it.

Peace of Mind

Ensure you get the information for the right individual to help make important decisions.
By the Numbers


Gain access to more than 110 million employee records from small, medium and large size businesses.


From banks to state agencies, more than 68 thousand credentialed verifiers access The Work Number and other verification products.


The Work Number service fulfilled nearly one quarter billion verifications on behalf of consumers in 2019.

Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

Learn more about SSN verifications. 
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How Identity Verification Is Evolving

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Five Ways to Thwart Fraud

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