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Verify homebuyers’ information quickly with mortgage verification solutions that help create a better overall experience.
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Instant Verification of Employment and Income for Mortgage

Homebuyers want a fast, low-friction purchasing process - one where lenders take care of employment and income verification for mortgages without asking for pay stubs or employment verification letters. As a lender, you want fast and efficient mortgage verification solutions to help ensure a positive borrower experience. Everybody wins with the Verification of Income (VOI) and Verification of Employment (VOE) mortgage products from The Work Number®.
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A Quicker Path to Closing

See how using The Work Number for  verification of mortgage information can help improve the customer experience and speed time to close at different points throughout the origination process.
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Cost and Time Savings

Save costs at every step, including processing and underwriting. You may be able to save time with solutions approved for GSE validation programs.

Improved Borrower Experience

Instant verification of employment and income creates an efficient, borrower-friendly process that’s fast, private, and easy.

Process Efficiencies

Mortgage employment verification and income verification from The Work Number helps eliminate manual work and reduce the risk for human error.

Streamline the Proof of Income for Mortgage Experience

Reduce the need to collect pay stubs and other pay-related documentation when verifying income and employment for mortgages.


We build relationships with mortgage technology providers that help allow for a seamless user experience for Income and Employment Verification. Learn more about working with us or see if we already integrate with your platform.
The Equifax team was very proactive and innovative in defining a solution for our manual VOE needs. They took the time to understand our needs and then they launched a well designed and executed plan with no surprises.  The Equifax team did exactly what they said they would, delivering a quality and cost-effective solution.
Top 5 Mortgage Lender, Ops Director

Convergence: The Value of Employment and Income Information in Today’s Dynamic Lending Landscape

Learn how lenders can build business with better visibility, expand data and easier processes.
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Visit the Verification Views™ blog to learn more about how we can help give you a more informed view of individuals with timely, informative articles.
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Cloud-Based Technology Can Help Reduce Fatigue For Mortgage Lenders

To thrive in today's world of increased competition, mortgage lenders should look to collaborate with users of Cloud Technology.
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How Lenders Can Attract the Next Generation of Homebuyers

Borrowers across all generations are looking for a simple, digital lending experience. Find out how to offer that by using The Work Number and building a modern mortgage process today.
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Finding a Solution for Lagging Distribution of Emergency Rental Assistance Funds

Find out how leveraging automated, timely income and employment data can help Public Housing Authorities (PHA) verify.....

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