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Priority Manual VOE Solutions

Get more, save more

Priority Next Day™ and Priority Two Day™ are manual solutions to help expedite delivery of a VOE through the research process when information is not available on The Work Number®.

  • Low Risk - Not charged if verification is not Completed in 1 or 2 Days.
  • Hassle-Free option to convert to Standard Manual Verification.
  • 1 or 2 Day work-in-progress timeline.

At Equifax, we understand that even a small reduction in processing time can make a big difference for both you and your customer. By harnessing our smart technology design and extensive verification knowledge, we are leading the way in advancing the research process commonly associated with manual verifications. Through our use of automation, we are reimagining our manual verification service and forging new offerings, such as a dual verification.


Validates verbally or in writing the employment status, hire date, job title, termination date and income (when applicable) from an authorized representative by routing the verification seamlessly through the research process when information is not available on TWN.


Reverifies verbally or in writing the employment status, hire date, termination date and job title from an authorized representative based on the original VOE/I order submitted with Equifax.

Let our onsite team complete the work for you and help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, ease your workload, provide independent verifications, and enable automated continuity in your lending process.