Take a Closer Look at How  The Work Number® Works

See how streamlined verification services from the industry’s leading source of commercial employment data benefits you. 
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Verifications for Your Industry

Learn how The Work Number® and our suite of verification solutions help commercial businesses get proof of employment and/or verify income quickly, securely, and more efficiently than ever.


Faster verifications can enable lenders to speed up the mortgage origination process from start to finish. 


Helping auto dealers and lenders better serve their customer’s needs with a faster, digital, and more transparent car-buying process.

Consumer Finance

Verification solutions help lenders make fast, informed, real-time decisions at the time a consumer applies for credit.

Credit Card

Verification solutions are key to mitigating risk and extending appropriate credit terms.

Pre-Employment Verifications

Make more informed hiring decisions with verified employment data from                         The Work Number.  


Improve the timeliness of benefit eligibility decision making with real-time income and employment verifications. 

Options For Accessing The Work Number Data

The Work Number gives you many ways to get the data you need. And, depending on your workload, you can retrieve a single verification or a batch of thousands.

Credentialing Helps Protect Consumer Data

Protecting consumer data is paramount. Verifiers are required to be credentialed and vetted with a valid Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permissible purpose in order to access The Work Number database.
HR Compliance Management from Workforce Solutions

Discover The Right HR Compliance Solutions 

Break Free From In-House Employee Verifications

Help reduce the workload for your HR team and better automate the employee verification process with Equifax Workforce Solutions.

Help Make I-9 Compliance Management Easier

Better manage every I-9 at each stage with an online I-9 management solution that helps make the HR onboarding process easier. 

Simplify Unemployment Cost Management

As an extension of your HR team, our trusted pros can help you lower your unemployment costs and better meet compliance needs.
The Work Number Vs. The Competition
When comparing The Work Number from Equifax versus industry competitors, The Work Number is the clear choice.

Looking to Manage Your Personal Employment and Income Data? 

Doing so is simple, secure, and fast. 

Achieve More With Data

Discover API Products

Our team is always looking for ways to improve the functionality and usability of The Work Number. Explore our APIs, create an app, and test it out in the sandbox.

Explore International Solutions

Verification Exchange™ is an employment and income verification service available in Canada that helps verifying organizations like lenders, property managers, government agencies, and employers securely and instantly receive the information they need to make decisions.

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