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The Work Number® works across a variety of industries to increase speed, create efficiencies, and improve access to important verification information.
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Verification By Industry

Take a closer look at the verification solutions designed specifically for your industry. 
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Unique verification solutions designed to improve the way you do business.  
Income and Employment Verification

Get third-party verifications with income and employment information provided by employers.

Education Verification

Fast, comprehensive verification of an applicant's education status.

Property Verification

Verify non-commercial residency with county-level property tax data.

Take Control of Your Personal
Consumer Information

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Data Report

An Employment Data Report (EDR) shows the information potentially provided on a consumer when verification is requested. 
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Data Dispute

Equifax Workforce Solutions enables consumers to dispute EDR information they believe is inaccurate or incomplete.
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The Work Number addresses personal information in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Equifax Workforce Solutions 

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