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The Work Number® Portfolio Review Product Sheet

Better manage credit risk and consumer needs with Portfolio Review

Having the right resources, data, and insights can make all the difference in managing a portfolio’s risk and maximizing its profit potential. When you combine The Work Number® Portfolio Review with our income and employment verification services, you can eliminate the hassle of managing multiple file submissions and can receive notifications when there are changes in employment and rate of pay.

How does Portfolio Review work?

Leveraging The Work Number database, the largest central source of commercial employment and income information available today, it allows verifiers to review a portfolio of consumer accounts via Social Security Number (SSN). It’s easy to use:

  1. Submit a portfolio of consumer accounts through our secure batch site. 

  2. Determine the frequency. Single batch offers a one-time review at the time you submit a file, i.e., one-time, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. With monthly monitoring, initial employment, and/or income, SSN matches are returned on your portfolio to establish a baseline. 

  3. Add new consumer accounts or remove existing accounts, if needed.

There are 2 monitoring options available:

When a change happens in employment status, or if there is a new employer record for the SSN, it will be treated as new employment and you will be notified.
When the rate of pay increase or decrease is over 10%, you will be notified.

Using Equifax Verification Services to stay abreast of employment changes can expand your ability to mitigate risk while maximizing product and service potential. To learn more about The Work Number Portfolio Review from Equifax Workforce Solutions, download the full PDF or contact us.