Product Sheet

Product Sheet: Talent Report™ Education

Instantly verify a candidate’s education with an SSN enabled search

With academic fraud on the rise, verifying a candidate’s education helps ensure the future success of your candidate while lowering employee turnover. Using Talent Report Education, background screeners and employers can instantly verify a candidate’s education with data sourced directly from National Student Clearinghouse®. With an SSN-enabled search, employers receive all available postsecondary degrees so they can make more informed hiring decisions. 


Talent Report Education provides all available postsecondary degrees instantly sourced from National Student Clearinghouse® via an exclusive Equifax ordering experience using a Social Security Number (SSN) search that is provided to you at a single rate for all schools returned.

This enhanced offering helps deliver a more efficient hiring process and the ability to make better informed hiring decisions with a holistic candidate view. And with more than 94% of degrees conferred by U.S. four-year colleges in the National Student Clearinghouse database¹, employers can aim to better protect themselves from the growing threat of academic fraud.