Webinar - Instant Income and Employment Data:
Key for Auto Lenders

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Empower faster access to credit and reduce friction with digital verification solutions

For auto lenders, a surge in demand increases the need for faster, more informed credit decisions. 

In planning for 2022 and the potential influx of loan applications and approvals, It is crucial for lenders to:

  • Leverage data and automation to help enable faster and more informed decisions
  • Find more efficient ways to manage risk
  • Integrate technology that supports a frictionless, digital experience for consumers

In doing so, applicants are 40%* more likely to be funded when lenders use third-party income and employment verifications in the decision process.

Listen to learn how leveraging data and automation can help enable faster and more informed decisions.

*SOURCE: Equifax Internal Equifax Study of The Work Number Inquiry Data, December 2017 - December 2018 United States auto loans. Individual results may vary.