Infographic: Talent Report™ Express

Instantly access employment, identity and education with a single SSN ordering experience

Verifying a candidate’s employment, education and identity can be a time consuming, manual process. With enhancements made to Talent Report™ Express, you can instantly access a candidate’s employment, education and identity with a single SSN.


The average number of employment records
returned from inquiries submitted to The Work Number
for Pre-Employment Verifications.¹

With access to 538+ million active and historic records from over 2.5 million employer contributors to The Work Number®, Talent Report Express instantly verifies a candidate’s employment and validates a candidate’s identity.¹


In partnership with National Student Clearinghouse®, Talent Report Express leverages education-based data providing all available postsecondary degrees covering 99% of postsecondary students.²


¹ The Work Number, Jan 2022
² National Student Clearinghouse
³ Example only - not a true representation of the actual report provided.