Product Sheet

Education Verification Product Sheet

Verify applicant or customer education instantly and electronically

When you need to verify someone’s education history (whether it be for a credit application or an education-based promotional incentive), it's important to validate the key facts fast using reliable data. Equifax’s Verification of Education (VOEd) solution allows you to confirm the status of an enrolled student or recent graduate instantly and electronically. 


How does VOEd work?

Education data is sourced from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). NSC is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization with 3,600+ participating colleges and universities. The NSC database is made up of 99% of students enrolled in public and private institutions. 

All the Verification of Education solutions also include Consumer Identity, a report that provides consumer information to help detect identity theft and application fraud.


Who can benefit from VOEd?

Auto, insurance or telecommunications industries often offer products, services, and/or incentives based on education status. These industries can use the VOEd solution when verifying an individual’s education for program eligibility.

Credit card issuers and consumer finance professionals may need to verify education to determine whether a consumer qualifies for certain financing.

Get instant electronic verification of an individual’s graduate attainment or enrollment status – and a seamless ordering and delivery process for all your verification needs. To learn more about Verification of Education from Equifax Workforce Solutions, download the full PDF or contact us.