New Priority Next Day and Priority Two Day Verifications Designed to Deliver Market-Leading Turnaround

Reliable and Fast Verifications that Can Consistently Benefit Consumers and Help Improve Verifier Turnaround

Within hours of going live with the new Priority Next Day™ and Priority Two Day™ verifications of employment (VOE), the Equifax verification research teams received the first request for a Priority Next Day verification and fulfilled the researched verification in less than an hour! While the Priority Next Day verification of employment guarantees a response by the next business day, this first Priority VOE set the tone for our commitment to delivering the kind of market-leading turnaround needed by consumers and verifiers. Since that first order, verifier customers have continued to realize the value of the new manual VOE solution enhancements. 

“Regardless of where the data is, consumers expect - and verifiers need - it to be reliably and quickly accessible. We deliver on that expectation with the new Priority solutions,” said Scott Maxfield, Vice President for Verifications at Equifax Workforce Solutions. 

The new Priority verifications can be selected by verifiers who need to rush an order through the process: 

  • Priority Next Day VOE can fulfill the request by 11:59 p.m. CT the next business day

  • Priority Two Day VOE can fulfill the request by 11:59 p.m. CT the second business day following the verification request

“Our extensive experience in verifications and investments in technology have enabled us to successfully shape a process that meets the rapidly accelerating expectations of consumers. We do this in part by helping assure verifiers that they can get near real-time access to verifications that may not be on an automated database or which are needed between payroll cycles,” continued Maxfield.

On any given day, Equifax teams deliver more than 5,000 researched verifications of income and employment. The new, accelerated manual VOE offerings enable our teams to step in and complete a request on priority for verifiers, faster than ever before.  

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