Driving Conversions with Up-to-Date Data

Leverage relevant data at every stage of the lending process to improve borrower experience and your bottom line.

Today’s consumers expect fast, efficient transactions via their mobile device or computer—whether it’s buying a car or simply buying groceries. Anything less, and rest assured, they’ll seek out the competition. 


Leverage relevant data—instantly.

A slow loan application and funding process can wreak havoc on a lender—and dealer’s—bottom line. Instant income and employment data, however, could change the way lenders make decisions. In fact, building in decisioning criteria could bring them toward an environment where every loan decision is seamlessly backed by data. 


Automated workflows pay off.

The benefit of automated workflows is quicker processing of approvals back to dealers, potentially removing stipulations faster for qualified customers. And that’s especially good for the dealer—and the buyer. 


Learn more in our eBook “Automated Income and Employment Data Could Fuel More Conversions.”