Employee Verification Services

The Work Number® database is a simple, secure, and discreet way to help get your employment and income information to credentialed verifiers to help them make faster decisions involving employment, credit, government benefits, and more. 
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Keep Your Life Moving With The Work Number

The Work Number helps verifying organizations like lenders, property managers, and social service agencies instantly receive information. This secure data transfer helps power timely decisions, like loan approvals, job applications, and apartment leasing, with less action needed from you.
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Managing Your Personal Data

We have a number of data management options available to individuals whose data is on The Work Number. 

View Your Employment Data Report

An Employment Data Report (EDR) provides transparency regarding your information on The Work Number.

Dispute Your Employment Data

Submit a free dispute of your information on The Work Number.

Grant Access to Salary Information

A salary key allows credentialed verifiers one-time access to your salary information.

Freeze Your Employment Data

Restrict access to your employment data on The Work Number.

Key Benefits of The Work Number

Credentialed verifiers can instantly and securely access employer-provided payroll data to help accelerate decisions related to actions like buying a home, applying for a government benefit, or financing a vehicle. This means less waiting for you, so you can keep life moving. 


Your personal information is protected and can be retrieved only by credentialed verifiers.

Better Service

With 24/7 access, there’s no waiting for your lender or landlord to exchange paperwork
with your employer to close the deal.


Stringent security standards help protect your data, and controls are in place
by law to help protect your privacy.


You can see your information and who accessed it on your Employment Data Report.
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