Take a Closer Look at How  The Work Number Works

See how streamlined verification services from the industry’s leading source of commercial employment data benefits you. 
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Verification Data From More Than One Million Employers

The Work Number helps provide a frictionless verification process between credentialed verifiers and consumers to keep life moving.
key benefits of the work number

Robust Source of Employment Data

The Work Number has over one million small, medium, and large employer contributors. 

Timely and Consistent Information

Our standardized verification process provides up to date information and helps speed up verifier decisions.

An Improved Customer Picture

With income and employment information, verifiers can obtain a broader understanding of a consumer.

Multiple Verification and Integration Options

Verifiers can select from multiple verification solutions to find a fit for their specific business needs.

Alternate Search Capabilities

If an SSN is unavailable, consumers can still be identified in a variety of ways, including name, address, and date of birth.


Requests for income and employment data can be sent to The Work Number 24/7, even outside of business hours. Verifications are completed quickly, which means less waiting for you and your customers.
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The Work Number Database

The information from The Work Number uses employers’ payroll data, updated each pay period. Access is always available and always encrypted. 
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Employers and Payroll Providers

Each pay cycle, employers can contribute data directly or through their payroll partner — removing themselves from the verification process and reducing the workload for their HR team.
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Discover the Right HR Compliance Solutions 

Are you looking to outsource your company’s verifications? Equifax Workforce Solutions can help automate the process and provide additional solutions, including I-9 and unemployment cost management.
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Manage Your Personal Data

Find answers to login questions, review your information, and grant credentialed verifiers access to salary information in one place. 
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Income and Employment Verification

Get third-party verifications with income and employment information provided by employers.

The Work Number ID

Confirm whether an applicant-provided name and social security number matches employer-provided data to quickly validate an applicant’s identity.

Education Verification

Fast, comprehensive verification of an applicant's education status.

Property Verification

Verify non-commercial residency with county-level property tax data.

IRS Tax Transcripts Fulfillment Service

Obtain various personal tax, business tax, and/or wage statements for a complete picture of all household income.

Do More With The Work Number

Our team is always looking for ways to improve the functionality and usability of The Work Number.

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